Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I love making quilted pillows. They're like mini quilts. And who doesn't LOVE a quick finish! A friend of mine is moving to a new home and I thought I'd make her a couple of pillows. I've had Jaybird's Hex n More ruler for a while now, and her pillow pattern, Candy Dish to use it with. Perfect! It's been a lot of fun putting this project together, a bit like a puzzle. The pattern directions are very good too. Don't cut off those little 'ears', they help line up the pieces :)
For basting small projects, I've been using Pinmoors. They're like little rubber plugs you stab your pins into. I like to use long pins, it seems to lie flatter that way. And they're easier on my poor fingers than safety pins! These little things get 2 thumbs up from me!


  1. I have never seen those Pinmoors in a store Kim. They look very useful (this from a fellow safety pin hater. . .)and aside from that they are so darn cheery!
    I would love to see how you use your ruler - hexxies are very intimidating but with good instructions who knows?! The tip on not cutting the little tails is very intriguing!

    1. Those Pinmoors came from Sawyers. They are pretty cheery :)
      You are going to LOVE this ruler. I brought it Monday to Pam's place and Karen was pretty intrigued. I'll show you next time you're in town.
      Yay for awesome notions!!