Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A summer birthday

Yesterday we had a birthday party- quilters style. Karen always volunteers her place if she's in town, and who can say no to a poolside party? With a beautiful view beyond too!
Karen served us lemonade with fresh mint, straight from her garden. We feasted on meatballs, fresh veggies, fine cheese and a pasta salad, followed by rhubarb cobbler.
After that Tracy opened her presents (the fun part!) and then we had a nice, lazy stroll through Karen's lovely garden. Of course, it's not a quilter style party without some quilting!
Gaye worked on her second Dresden plate pillow- I love those Dresden's!!
The Birthday Girl brought her own Dresden project too. Soooo pretty.
Karen was very busy in the previous weeks, with a Crazy Cats class and also a dyeing session. Here are some of her lovely samples.
I can't wait to see what she makes with those!!! If you look back at the first photo, notice the bottom left corner....That's a sneaky peek at one of her current works. Karen is quite a fabric artist! If I were you, I would snap up some of her beautiful wall-hangings before she gets wildly popular and the prices go through the roof!!
We were missing one of our group though, Pam. I have to be honest- it was weird celebrating and sewing without you. Hurry back to us please :) 

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  1. That WAS a lovely afternoon - we are blessed to have wonderful quilting friends and to take time out to enjoy. Thanks everyone for a special day!