Monday, February 14, 2011

Carrier Bag Saga = Tracy's Update

Thanks for the phone consult you guys ( I was at Capitial Iron after quilting Karen!). Got lots of hardware and notions.
Webbing, big zipper, little zipper, pulls and a little more poly batting for the gussets. Happy with what I got done today and some clarity on what I might do next. Kim and Pam's bags are really coming along - Gaye inspired Pam with her extra pocket on the outside pocket and Kim's fluffy batting is perfect with her funky fabric. Gaye is graciously slowing her progress on the bag she is doing to try and show us different stages - and we are all someplace different. I never found the fabric I bought for my bag Karen so I am using the fabric I gleaned from my Guild garage sale UFO =- the one I picked the appliqued patchwork off of!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

carrier bag continued.....

Hard at work again on a Monday. A big Thank You to Gaye for walking us through this project. And all our zipper woes.....
                       Karen's super cute bag lining. Is it red? Is it orange? It's both!!                        
                                              Pam adding her lining. Will that bag be reversible?
                                Gaye working on her gorgeous black & white quilt. In between instructing us....
                             That FAB Amy Butler zigzag! And look-my machine is indicating my age, LOL
                                    Pam adding her zipper. Remember girls- pins are your friend : )
                                             Pam quilting her straps. Miles and miles of them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Avaleigh's apron

Avaleigh made this cute little apron from the One Yard Wonders book. She probably went home and cooked up a storm!
Pedro is hoping she makes him some doggie biscotti......

Beginning the sewing case.....

Here we are at the start of 2011 and we're ready to make our sewing cases. Sorry there aren't more photos. lets remember to take more next week girls! We really did work hard, especially Gaye. And she only took one short reading break : ) Gaye also brought the sweetest disappearing 9 patch quilt top. We really need to get a photo of that, it was soooooo pretty.
  Tracy, we cut out all our pieces and batting and lining. Then we quilted the bag main body and the front of the pocket. without the lining on them.

 to be continued.......

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quilting at Karen's

Tracy, you missed a good one. But we'll try to keep you included through the blog. Second best, I know, but what can you do?......
Pam made a little fabric basket, which way is right side out Pam?
Gaye worked on some geese, always a welcome addition to any project.
Karen did some mending and we kept her so busy serving us, she didn't get a whole lot done. Sorry Karen. But you are an excellent hostess!
Kim put some froggy binding on the zig zag quilt.
and that's it, now you're all caught up : )

Sunday, January 16, 2011


    I hoard fabric. Maybe not by definition, but in my heart, I hoard.
This little zigzag quilt is finished and needs a binding. I narrowed it down to two fabrics, the froggy fabric and the green and white polka dot. I reminded myself that I'm saving polka dot fabrics. But I had a little argument (with myself) that I can always buy more polka dot if I need it. It's the same with the Amy Butler fabric. I'm still hoarding that. Maybe this year I should resolve to use it while I still love it.
Now back to the binding dilemma.... Which one do you think I chose to use??? No hints.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fabric box tutes!

Here's a link to some fabric box tutes.
Who will be the first to try making one?
Ready, set, go!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fabric Organizer Bags - Love 'em!
Boy do I need to make a pile of these!  Great use for favourite fabric!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Good Intentions and Positive Inclinations . . .

Hi Everyone!
Went to an awesome Christian Ladies Retreat on the weekend with Nikko. We really enjoyed the time together and Ruth was often wrapped up in her new quilt. I was thrilled to get a start on a 20" X 20" white-on-white handquilting project during the retreat. I was AGHAST at my first few stitches but decided to keep them for posterity and the rest of it looks pretty good. I also got some more cutting done on the Rear Window quilt that Barb and I are doing individually.
Bib'nTucker has some great sales on white/beige tone-on-tone - always required for one thing or another.
But if this coming snow storm keeps me in I have lots to work on. Missed you guys and especially Gaye's design wall for her Falling leaf quilt.
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BLOG or Not to BLOG

Hello all
Here we are in 2011......January 11th already and no one is posting anything.....Hmmm

Thanks for hosting yesterday, Gaye, the tea was great.....thank you.
Gaye worked on the Black and White disappearing 9 patch for her niece......excellent
Karen worked on her mystery quilt through the guild.....log cabin blocks
Kim working on the binding of her star baby quilt in bright oranges/pinks
I worked on a little sample of a hand appliqued pear....not sure if I want to do more of those.
Tracy - you were missed.

See you all next week at Karens......YAY.....go Quilting Together QT's