Monday, February 14, 2011

Carrier Bag Saga = Tracy's Update

Thanks for the phone consult you guys ( I was at Capitial Iron after quilting Karen!). Got lots of hardware and notions.
Webbing, big zipper, little zipper, pulls and a little more poly batting for the gussets. Happy with what I got done today and some clarity on what I might do next. Kim and Pam's bags are really coming along - Gaye inspired Pam with her extra pocket on the outside pocket and Kim's fluffy batting is perfect with her funky fabric. Gaye is graciously slowing her progress on the bag she is doing to try and show us different stages - and we are all someplace different. I never found the fabric I bought for my bag Karen so I am using the fabric I gleaned from my Guild garage sale UFO =- the one I picked the appliqued patchwork off of!

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  1. it's full steam ahead now that you have all your 'ingredients'! And we sure do owe Gaye a big thanks for all her sacrifices on this project.
    And I bet the previous owner of your fabric would love to see what you did with it :) I know I can't wait...