Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quilting at Karen's

Tracy, you missed a good one. But we'll try to keep you included through the blog. Second best, I know, but what can you do?......
Pam made a little fabric basket, which way is right side out Pam?
Gaye worked on some geese, always a welcome addition to any project.
Karen did some mending and we kept her so busy serving us, she didn't get a whole lot done. Sorry Karen. But you are an excellent hostess!
Kim put some froggy binding on the zig zag quilt.
and that's it, now you're all caught up : )


  1. Thanks for the photos Kim.
    The blue side with the linen bottom is the right side.
    The handles turned out WAY TOO BIG for it.
    Karen wasn't mending she was putting on a sleeve to the back of the round-robin. Looks great!!!

  2. Hi guys
    I was very sorry to miss this one. It has been a very challenging week and it is not over yet. I loved the bags Pam!, made the right guess on the binding fabric (although it doesn't count cuz I didn't publish it!), Gaye's geese look picture purrfect and hoping I haven't missed Karen's round robin. Thanks for the pics and the smiles!
    Love, Tracy