Saturday, June 21, 2014

More Pouch Swapping!

This past Thursday was our pouch swap night with the Fraser Valley Modern Guild. Honestly, it was like Christmas for us all, so fun!!!
Here's the pouch I made-

It's the Open Wide pouch. Tracy was much braver than I was, making a new pattern and learning new techniques to do it. I love her pouch with that super cute bow- so pretty!!
I decided to play it safe and make a bag I've made many times before. I added in a little scissor pouch, a pin cushion, some 'no melt' pins, a seam ripper and some special treats from Victoria- Silk Road tea and some Rogers chocolates.
I actually missed the deadline for joining this swap but decided to make an 'angel' pouch, in case someone else wasn't able to do the swap. I had so much fun doing this project and choosing what to put in it. It turned out that we didn't need my 'extra' pouch. I should have been disappointed but honestly, I had so much fun making this pouch that I felt ok about it. Our Guild president, Nicole, came to tell me in person that there was nobody for me to swap with and I'm pretty sure she was more upset than I was.
But there's a happy ending after all. It turned out that another lady in our guild made an 'angel' pouch too. So we swapped with each other!!!!!
Here's what she made-

I am so in love with this pouch!!!! Thank you Thea W. for swapping with me!
It makes me happy just looking at this. I don't know where Thea got the notebook from but I just love it. And how cute is that little snail measuring tape? And she also included an adorable flashlight (I actually had to use it that night to look for something in my car), and this sweet stack of fabrics from one of our local quilt shops, Satin Moon. I love the shape of this pouch, I know that circles are tricky but Thea nailed it. It's perfect.
This was my first swap. So. Much. Fun. :)

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