Sunday, May 25, 2014

Michael Miller Modern Challenge + Modern Metallics Challenge
    A few months ago, our Victoria Modern Quilt Guild arranged for us to get some free fabrics. I couldn't believe my luck! A fantastic new Guild and now, some free fabric! Life is great.
Then the penny drops. I have to cut it. Does anyone else have a problem cutting into a stack of beautiful fabric? Can't we just leave it in lovely piles and just admire it?? I know I can't be the only one....
 I took a deep breath and cut into the Modern Metallics first. And since I don't like sewing for nothing, I made something I needed. A pillow cover. I know, I make a lot of them. But I have two dogs and I'm constantly having to wash them. Yes, my dogs are allowed on the couch. Until I have grandchildren anyway.....
Ok, here's the pillow-
The pattern is The Metro from Pillow Pop. This is the third pillow cover I've made from this book and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. Ok, so that's one challenge done.
Now I had to really work myself up to cut into the Michael Miller prints. But I finally managed it two nights ago. I  won't tell you what I'm making but I can tell you that it's not a pillow.
Here's a sneak peek...
I'm having problems blogging from my iPad. Any advice would be welcome :)


  1. ohhh, ahhhh, I heart the pillow. And no, you're not alone. I both love and hate cutting fabric! :)

  2. Your pillow looks awesome, and we hope to see it at the June meeting!

    And if you've made a few projects from one book then you can probably write a pretty good review of the book. So email us one please Kim!

    1. I showed it at the May meeting. There were a LOT of entries in the Modern Metallics though, so a little pillow cover would have been easy to over-look. That was our biggest show and share ever. I'm sure it had to do with us having a nice big room! :)
      I'll work on that book review.

  3. Can't wait to see what you will make for the Michael miller challenge. Cheers

  4. I am also in the challenge. Love the complimentary fabric choices you made! Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. Good for you for cutting into that fabric Kim!!! It does look nice cut up, doesn't it? And I am glad you posted your pillow - it looks really sharp!