Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quilt pattern

Thanks Karen - looks like a star quilt with full stars on the corners - great detail in this picture.


  1. Yes, I have taken the time to go through the steps and post something!! This is detail of the HAND stitched quilt that I purchased in Nova Scotia from "Grandma's Quilts" in an old barn. The quilt dates from 1925- 1940?? Keep in mind - the fabric was possibly cut out using multi-purpose scissors! The quilter very likely sat down in her (ill padded chair) after having hauled water from the well or spring for her tea kettle on a wood burning stove. Of course, she would have had to stoke the fire first. Her lovingly crooked stitches are placed there by the light of a kerosene lamp after a day of manual labour.

  2. I saw the pattern before and now that I am taking a second look I can't find it? Thought I might try my hand at drafting the pattern . . hmmmm