Monday, November 15, 2010

New Blog for the Monday Quilters!!

Lauren got us started today, so lets all learn how to blog.
 Lets go bloggers!!!!


  1. Thanks Lauren!!!
    It was great to see what the quilts the girls made today.

  2. Thanks Lauren! I posted yesterday but I must have done something wrong. Anyhoo - wanted to share a quick and easy inspirational/instructional site for free-motion quilting.
    And Karen- you were right to look perplexed when I said my free-motion was 'hard'- it shouldn't have been. From reading the tips in Kims magazines I found a new one - there should be no tension under the needle - you need to keep repositioning the fabric to do so - some quilters said it took 80% of their time but I can 'feel' the difference!
    (Answer to blogging problem: needed to enable cookies from this site

  3. So.....a blog.....with not much happening......hmmm
    better fix that soon.....???

  4. life is hard some days esp with computers. g